Florida Outdoor Advertising with Maximum Reach

Unparalleled Brand Exposure
With 4 million annual visitors, there is no better way to put your brand in front of the country, and the world, than outdoor advertising in the Florida Keys. Learn how Anderson Outdoor Advertising has the Keys covered and how you can capitalize.
This is Why
  • Doesn’t Compete for Attention
    A majority of people will naturally focus on an outdoor advertisement in comparison to the same ad in newspapers, TV or on the radio. Stuck in traffic or waiting at the bus stop, most individuals are looking for something to pass time. The human eye will rapidly fixate on an outdoor ad to avoid boredom and internalize your message at the same time. Not so with other mediums where your audience always has the option to change the channel or flip the page.
  • 24 Hours A Day
    Advertising anything outdoors means 24-hour exposure to the public eye. Outdoor advertising signs are not temporary or periodic, but rather consistent and non-stop. It’s always in sight for the public night or day, rain or shine. Radio, television, and print ads and most other media are all momentary and sporadic.
  • Effective Targeting
    Outdoor advertising can be located in any areas where it will most likely be effective. For example, a company selling jetski tours, would be wise to place an outdoor advertisement near the beach. An ad placed near a school can reach both students and their parents. These same ads when in newspapers or on radio may be missed altogether by the ideal target audience.
  • Cost Effective
    According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor advertising is 80 percent less expensive than TV and 60 percent less expensive than newspapers. Couple the affordability with the frequency and reach, outdoor advertising is easily the most cost effective advertising medium available.